Wood River, Barrett Creek, Crex Meadows TWA, Burnett County


This is a Targeted Watershed Assessment to evaluate chemistry, biological, and physical conditions in the third of three HUC12s near Crex Meadows Wildlife Area. Monitoring work followed standard protocols provided by program staff (Madison). North District Biologist Craig Roesler was the lead biologist on TWA and the Hay Creek Wood River and Lower Wood River watershed projects. Read the Wood River-Barrett Creek-Crex Meadows TWA Water Quality Plan [print version]


A large number of sites were monitored over the multiple projects conducted for this area, with five sites will be monitored for this specific project. Specific sites were selected following a reconnaissance trip in spring 2014 in HUC12 70300050102.


DNR prepared a Crex Meadows Wildlife Area Water Quality Assessment in 2016 and in 2020, Craig Roesler created The Wood River-Barrett Creek-Crex Meadows TWA Water Quality Plan was published in 2020. These reports are available below. Water chemistry and aquatic macroinvertebrate data is stored in SWIMS and fish and habitat data was entered in fish and habitat database.

Study Design

HUC 12 (70300050102)

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Targeted Watershed Approach
Evaluation (TP SSC, Stressor, Bioassess)
Reports and Documents
Hay Creek, Barrett River, Crex Meadows TWA Draft (2020)
Wood Creek TWA Project Summary Report 2014
Unnamed stream 3 m US Fossum Rd_MIBI Report 2014 TWA Project
Unnamed stream 3 m US Fossum Rd_MIBI Chart 2014 TWA Project
North Fork Wood River TP Report from TWA 2015
Wood River 2647000_MIBI_CHT TWA Report 2014
This Targeted Watershed Assessment (TWA) will address needs for baseline water quality monitoring of the North Fork Wood River watershed. Several stream sites were monitored and the field data collected during each visit was used to “flag” problem waters. In 2014, Water Action Volunteers stream monitors who live in North Fork Wood River watershed were asked to assist in the monitoring process by collecting water samples to be analyzed for total phosphorus at the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene.
Activities & Recommendations
Monitor Fish Community
Monitor Water Quality or Sediment
Monitor Baseline Survey
Monitor Targeted Watershed Area (TWA)
Wood Creek [HUC12]