Schoenick Creek Watershed 303(d) Identification and Long Lake Interaction Study - Year 2 NER_01_CMP15


East District water resources biologists are proposing to conduct a 2nd year of water quality monitoring on select tributary streams to Long Lake and in the main basin of Long Lake to address water quality concerns in the watershed and gain further understanding of the tributary streams impact on water quality conditions in Long Lake. Year 2 of Biological confirmation stream assessments will occur during, June, July, and August and water chemistry samples will be collected in May-October on sites that indicate impairments from total Phosphorous likely exceed standards for future listing on the 303d list of impaired waters. Additionally macro-invertebrate samples will be collected in October at 8 sites.


Long Lake was listing on the 303(d) list of impaired water in 2014. The Long Lake Association is concerned that water quality impairments are mainly caused from inflow from Schoenick Creek and other sources upstream in the watershed and may seek to re-route stream flow out of the lake with a Chapter 30 permit. Monthly total phosphorous samples were collected in 2014 and the listing criteria was exceeded in 3 of the 6 sites sampled and the other 3 sites fell into the likely to exceed category so additional water quality samples are needed to make impairment decisions. Additionally, biological confirmation is samples are needed at 6 sites to confirm impairment and make final listing recommendations.


Water quality samples will be collected at 5 sites monthly from May through October. including one on Long Lake. During the monthly sample collection flow will also be collected at the inlet and outlet into Long Lake. Fish surveys will be replicated at 6 sites and macroinvertabrate samples will be collected at 8 sites. All data will be entered into the fish and habitat database and SWIMS by Hudak. A final report will be completed after the second year of biological data collection and analysis.

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