BROWN COUNTY: Baird's Creek Phragmite Control


Brown County UW Extension proposes to control Phragmites australis in the Baird Creek Watershed by implementing control measures during the period 2014-2016. The project elements and deliverables are specified in the Brown County UW Extension Aquatic Invasive Species grant application dated September 16, 2013. The project includes conducting pre- and post- treatment surveys and mapping the extent of phragmites and controlling phragmites with aquatic herbicide treatments. Annual progress reports and a final report summarizing the three-year project will be provided to the DNR.

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Aquatic Invasives Grant
Aquatic Invasives Early Detection and Response
Reports and Documents
2015 and 2016 reporting for the project on Baird Creek. Includes images and a written report on spraying treatments
Activities & Recommendations
APM Chemical Permit Request
Grant Awarded
Aquatic Plant Management Project
Project Deliverable
annual progress and final report
Aquatic Plant Monitoring or Survey
Monitor Pre and Post Treatment