Kewaunee Investigation/Remediation Projects


The Kewaunee Marsh, located in Kewaunee County, is the site of contamination due to a Central Wisconsin Railroad car spill in the 1940s\1992. This spill caused arsenic contamination of surface water and groundwater in a three-acre area of the marsh. The Department, along with Wisconsin Central Railroad, has spent two years investigating and cleaning up the site. As an interim remedy to reduce human and waterfowl exposure, a geo-textile liner and several feet of wood chips were used to cap the contaminated wetland. The perimeter of the contaminated area was also securely fenced to eliminate public access, and to safeguard human health. Biological and chemical monitoring was conducted prior to the remediation, and is currently being conducted to ensure that the movement of the contaminated ground water plume doesn't further pollute the river. To date, remediation costs have totaled approximately $400,000. Groundwater monitoring investigations are underway to determine the necessity of future remediation.




C.D. Besadny Fish and Wildlife Area, Kewaunee River. Interim action for arsenic from railroad car spill. Jennifer Huffman, Northeast Region - Green Bay - 920-492-5868

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