GREEN LAKE SANITARY DISTRICT: Green Lake AIS Monitoring & Control


The Green Lake Sanitary District is sponsoring an AIS control grant on Big Green Lake, in Green Lake County. This is the first phase of an AIS control project that will focus on EWM and CLP management. The goal of the project is to lower AIS populations within the Silver Creek Estuary, Beyers Cove, and City Millpond to levels that minimally affect the aquatic ecosystem of those areas. Project activities include: 1) Early season AIS surveys; 2) Annual AIS targeted herbicide treatments in the above mentioned basins; 3) PI surveys and aquatic plant community mapping; 4) EWM peak-biomass survey; 5) Spring pretreatment confirmation and refinement surveys; 6) Volunteer herbicide concentration monitoring Project deliverables include: 1) Chemical control of EWM and CLP; 2) Pre and post treatment surveys and aquatic plant community maps; 3) Annual letter reports; 4) Green Lake aquatic vegetation report; 5) Annual Green Lake Sanitary District presentation; Stakeholder participation components (herbicide concentration monitoring, CBCW); 6) Recommendations for future AIS management beyond the timeframe covered by this grant. Scope Amend: Add County K marsh

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