Fish, Mud and Crystal Lakes Monitoring - SCR_02_CMP14


This is a continuing cooperative project from 2013 between DNR and Dane County for year two of a lakes planning grant, to collect water chemistry and quality in three Dane County Lakes. See Project ID: SCR_16_CMP13B for the previously approved project purpose. The purpose is to determine if the lakes are meeting designated uses, and to evaluate the lakes for impairments (DNR), and to develop property management plans for the lakes (County). The information may also be helpful in gathering baseline water quality pre-rotenone information on Mud L., as DNR Fisheries staff plans to Rotenone in late 2014-early 2015. This proposal also includes a budget to sample algae in all three lakes, which was not submitted for in the initial county sponsored lakes planning grant application, due to an oversight. All monitoring and data entry proposed in the previous 2013 approved project and in the lakes planning grant for year one was completed by DNR and County staff.


Water bodies included are Fish L. (WBIC:985100 SWIMS Station: 133120), Crystal L.(WBIC:978900 SWIMS Station: 133319) and Mud L. (WBIC:1006500 SWIMS Station: 10015037) in the deep hole for water chemistry and water quality profiles. Algal samples for enumeration would be collected at the deep hole of each lake during spring, mid-summer and late summer. Algal samples for enumeration and microcystin analyses would be collected near shore during peak blooms (SWIMS stations to be determined). A single algal response monitoring sample was collected from Crystal Lake in mid-August 2013 near shore, and indicated levels of algal toxins that represent a moderate risk for health. Currently Crystal Lake has a private beach, and Dane County is proposing a public beach for Fish Lake in the proposed property management plan. Swimming is common in both lakes. Mud lake is not used by swimmers, but is waded by anglers. For further project objectives see Project ID: SCR_16_CMP13B.


See Project SCR_16_CMP13B year one for full narratives of project outcomes. In addition to those outcomes this proposal would evaluate algal samples for public health for wading and swimming. The algal information will be used by Dane County during park planning, and HAB surveillance for DNR.

Study Design

Three algal samples for enumeration per lake during spring, mid-summer and late summer for a total of 9 samples. Three near shore algal samples for enumeration and microcystin during two peak blooms in each lake for a total of 6 samples.

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