Proposed NOR Impaired Water Projects Write-ups


This project is requesting LTE hours to allow ND to complete the write-ups on past impaired waters/303(d) projects. ND has lost 2 FTE and 2 LTEs that had written projects and that were responsible for completing the write-ups. Craig Roesler is tasked with these projects now and needs LTE assistance to complete the projects/write-ups.


This project is necessary to complete older approved impaired waters projects. The results of these write-ups will be to verify impaired waters status or proposed listing new waters. These past projects include: NOR-08-CMP11, NOR_11_CMP11, NOR_16_CMP11, NOR_07_CMP12, NOR_01_CMP13. If time allows, completing the following none imparied waters projects including: NOR_09_CMP10, NOR_18_CMP11, NOR_03_CMP12, NOR_09_CMP10, NOR_11_CMP12, NOR_13_CMP11.


Past approved impaired waters projects will be completed. 27 existing waters on the impaired waters list will be verified and a number of additional waters may be listed. If these projects are completed, incomplete non impaired waters projects will be work on as listed above.

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