Proposed NOR Weso Lake Assessment


"Weso" Lake is an small unnamed lake near Drummond in Bayfield County. It is located in the Chequamegon National Forest. The Village of Drummond began using an experimental bog wastewater effluent treatment system in 1979 in cooperation with the USFS. Lagoon effluent was discharged to a natural bog. Drainage from the bog flows into Weso Lake. Extensive monitoring of the lake was done in 1979-80. No monitoring of the lake was done since then, until September 2013, at which time a total phosphorus concentration of 279 ug/l was found. Past monitoring of the upstream bog showed that its ability to absorb phosphorus was lost within a few years of use. The lake will be monitored in 2014-15 to establish its current status and allow a 303d assessment. Monitoring would include 3 summer samples/yr for total phosphorus and chlorophyll. A one-time sample would be tested for total nitrogen, chloride, calcium, magnesium, and color. Field parameters would include temperature and dissolved oxygen profiles, Secchi depth, conductivity, and pH. Minnow traps will be deployed to determine if the fish population present in 1979 has survived. Craig Roesler will be the lead biologist for the project.


The project is needed to determine the current status of Weso Lake after decades of receiving treated wastewater effluent. It is highly likely the lake will be found to be impaired and should be added to the 303d list. This will help determine if a change is needed in the operation of the Drummond WWTP. Parameters to be tested are listed above. There would be one sampling location. The lake WBIC is 2798600. The station will be at the deepest point TBD in the field.


The project will determine if Weso Lake should be added to the 303d list, and will help decide if alternative operations of the Drummond WWTP are advisable. A report of the monitoring findings will be prepared and entered into SWIMS. 1.No. sample sites = 1 2. No. of sampling events in FY 14 = 1; No. of sampling events in FY 15 = 3. 3. Date when CY 2014 sampling will be complete = 09/15/2014 4. Date when data will be in data base = 11/15/2014 5. Date for report completion = 2014 report by 03/15/2015 6. Data base for data storage = SWIMS 7. Person responsible for entering data = Craig Roesler

Study Design

See "Purpose" paragrah above.

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