CAC Support for the St. Louis River Alliance 2013


The Wisconsin and Minnesota state agencies are working cooperatively toward the delisting of the St. Louis River Area of Concern (AOC). The St. Louis River Alliance (SLRA) has a long history in the AOC and has been instrumental in facilitating the RAP process. The Alliance continues to play an important role in project facilitation and outreach to the public and stakeholders as the states and other partners work together toward BUI removal.


The SLRA has priority objectives outlined for the period of July 15, 2013 to June 30, 2014. These objectives are designed to support outreach and public education needs of the partner agencies conducting BUI removal in the St. Louis River AOC.


Outcomes include the SLRA facilitating annual events as well as rollout events and outreach for the 2013 RAP Update: Roadmap to Delisting. Outcomes will also include a photo contest and 2014 progress report.

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