LINCOLN COUNTY: Tri County Approach to AIS Management Phase 2


Lincoln Co. Land Information and Conservation Dept. is sponsoring an AIS project focusing on expanding AIS education, prevention and monitoring programs in Lincoln, Langlade and Forest Counties. Project goals: 1) Expand the countywide, multicounty and statewide network of citizens and agency personnel interested in coordinating and implementing AIS prevention and control; 2) Create/expand AIS related public awareness and education programs; 3) provide AIS identification, mapping, removal and treatment technical assistance to lake associations and citizens; 4) Create and implement countywide/regional plan to monitor and prevent new AIS infestations and minimize the spread of existing infestations. Project deliverables: 1) Final development and implementation of AIS strategic plan and annual reporting of project activities; 2) A minimum of 6 Clean Boats/Clean Waters (CBCW) and Citizen Lake Monitoring (CLMN) training sessions annually; 3) Provide 200 hours of CBCW inspections; 4) Minimum of 12 presentations to lake organizations on AIS issues; 5) Coordination of AIS activities with local partners; 6) Assist with AIS monitoring (PI surveys and GL Restoration Initiative); 7) AIS boat landing signage distribution; 8) Cooperate with local law enforcement/water guards on AIS efforts; 9) Provide monitoring assistance on a minimum of 10 lakes per year (include lakes with new or existing infestations; may include hand pulling); 10) Participate in pre/post monitoring (include herbicide treatment evaluation); 11) Provide information on AIS management, grants and encourage formation of Lake Associations. Specific conditions: 1) Final report and Strategic Plans need DNR review and approval; 2) Enter all data into appropriate data bases; 3) Actively work with the Lakes Coordinator for the 3 county area. Provide DNR Lakes Coordinator with electronic (pdf or word) and hard copy of final and annual reports, strategic plans, AIS action plan, and samples of education products.

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LINCOLN COUNTY: Tri County Approach to AIS Management Phase 2
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