Mercury methylation in the St. Louis AOC (USGS # 9KL12)


Future work will focus on the Allouez Bay region of the St. Louis River Estuary, as preliminary data indicate high levels of mercury and methylmercury in this area. The work will examine the roles of different segments of the DOM pool in mercury methylation. DOM standards representing DOM from runoff, DOM from plant matter, and DOM from microbial activity will be amended to incubations with sediment from Allouez Bay. In total, 20 incubations will be examined for pre- and post- total and methylmercury mercury concentrations at the USGS Mercury Lab in Wisconsin at a cost of $300/sample; DOM characteristics at the USGS Lab in Boulder, CO and at the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) in Boulder, CO; and microbial metagenomic sequences at INSTAAR, totaling 40 samples. These incubations will help elucidate the role of common sources of DOM on mercury methylation and improve management strategies for mitigating mercury toxicity.

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Exploration of the "relationships between dissolved organic matter (DOM) chemistry, extracellular enzyme activity, and mercury cycling along seasonal, vegetative, and spatial gradients within the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve (LSNERR) in Superior, WI."