VILAS COUNTY LAND & WATER CONSERV COMMITTEE: Vilas County AIS Education, Prevention, & Planning Project 2013-2016


The Vilas County Land and Water Conservation Committee is sponsoring an Education, Prevention and Planning project focusing on AIS education, prevention and monitoring. Project activities include: 1) County staff support with AIS funding (AIS focus on education, monitoring, inspections, fieldwork/sampling and data entry/analysis (coordinated with WDNR)); 2) Outreach and education: AIS workshops, press releases, updated website, July 4th boat landing blitz, bait dealer initiative, establish law enforcement partnership, maintain partnership email, assist in updating boat landing signage, and informational presentations; 3) Expand existing watercraft inspection internship program; 4) Attend WL convention, VCLA meetings, AIS coordinator meetings, local lake meetings, town lake committee meetings, etc. for training, coordination and presentations; 5) AIS education materials (literature, brochures and AIS workshop packets); 6) Develop annual reports, annual maps and final report summarizing project activities. Project deliverables include: 1) Workshops, outreach and field sampling data and data entry and analysis; 2) Hired staff; 3) AIS education materials; 4) Annual reports and maps, and final report. Specific Conditions for this project: Annual reports and final report need Dept review and approval. WDNR Lakes Management Coordinator will be provided with an electronic (pdf or word) copy of annual reports, final report, and all maps and samples or photographs of AIS educational materials.

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Vilas County has one of the highest concentrations of inland freshwater lakes in the world, and more lakes than any other county in Wisconsin. These lakes are vital natural resources held in the public trust by the state. The waters provide the public with unique recreational opportunities and enjoyment of scenic beauty. The lakes are critical resources that sustain the major tourism economy of Vilas County. Aquatic invasive species pose a serious threat to the health of our surface waters and to the very culture of Wisconsin’s northern lake region. Recognizing these facts, Vilas County government staff and elected officials work hard at protecting these vital natural resources.
Activities & Recommendations
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Hold Workshops
Issue News/Media Release
Informational Meetings
Information and Education
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Develop/Distribute Brochures/Literature
Project Deliverable
annual reports, maps and final report