PIGEON LAKE OF MANITOWOC COUNTY INC: Pigeon Lake of Manitowoc County


Pigeon Lake of Manitowoc County proposes to create an updated aquatic plant management plan for Pigeon Lake with an emphasis placed upon alternatives for the control of Eurasian water milfoil. Specifically, Pigeon Lake Association will: 1. Compile and analyze available water quality and fisheries data. 2. Conduct a watershed assessment review to verify watershed boundaries, update general land use and perform basic predictive modeling. 3. Assess the aquatic plant community utilizing early-season aquatic invasive species survey, existing point-intercept survey data, and aquatic plant community mapping. 4. Conduct a shoreline condition and course woody habitat assessment. 5. Provide for stakeholder participation and education by holding a kickoff meeting, a planning meeting and a wrap-up meeting. 6. Generate an updated aquatic plant management and implementation plan. The project elements and deliverables are specified in the grant application materials submitted to the Department dated February 1, 2013.

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Aquatic Invasives Grant
Aquatic Invasives Education
Reports and Documents
Pigeon Lake (Manitowoc County) comprehensive management plan, includes photos, figures, maps, graphs, and tables
Maps of Pigeon Lake compiled by Onterra, LLC. to accompany Pigeon Lake Comprehensive Management Plan (2014)
Public participation materials, including PowerPoint presentations; water quality data (table); WILMS watershed model results, including a WILMS Analysis; aquatic plant survey data from the Wisconsin DNR (2012), including tables; Pigeon Lake fisheries memo from the Wisconsin DNR (2011), including a memorandum and tables
Activities & Recommendations
Grant Awarded
Aquatic Plant Management Plan
Monitor Fish Community
Watershed Mapping or Assessment
Data analysis, report production
Informational Meetings
Shoreland Monitoring, Assessment, Inventory
Shoreland Monitoring, Assessment or Inventory