Proposed NER Oconto River Watershed Assessment (Lakes)


The Oconto River Watershed streams portion was completed during the summer of 2012. This project proposes to focus on 3 Lakes in the watershed that we do not have water quality data for. The lakes are Balcom, Newton, and Finnegan and they all have public accesses. The data that will be collected from these lakes will complete the data gaps, thus giving us the information we need to make a full assessment of the entire watershed.


Data will be used to provide a general condition assessment to determine if further monitoring is needed to identify impairment status. The sample events will follow the WisCALM guidance. The WBIC ifor Balcom is 417500. The WBIC for Finnegan is 420600. The WBIC for Newton is 450600. Sampling will occur four times a year for each lake in accordance with WisCALM guidance.


This project will produce sufficient data for determining if the lakes are impaired and will fill the data gaps for the entire watershed assessment. A report will be produced that will analyze and summarize the data in a manner consistent with WisCALM. If the data shows the lakes are impaired, then the streams Biologist and I will work to decipher management decisions.

Study Design

1) There will be 1 sample site associated with each of the 3 lakes. 2) There will be 1 sampling event in fiscal year 2012 and 3 sampling events in 2013 at each lake. 3) The sampling will be completed in September of 2013. One sample will be collected at each lake in the spring and three at each lake in the summer. 4) All data will be entered into the data base by October 2013. 5) The final report will be complete in November of 2013. 6) SWIMS will be used as the database for storage. 7) The Biologist or LTE will be responsible for entering the data.

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