Proposed SER Onion River 303d Impaired Waters Identification


Monitor five locations within the mid- to upper Onion River (WBIC: 51200) for Total Phosphorus on a monthly basis, May through October. Additionally, fish community and macroinvertebrate monitoring will occur at four locations (5th site is currently monitored as a Wadable Reference Trend Site). Results will indicate necessity of potential 303d listing.


Monitoring within the Onion River Watershed during 2012 showed elevated Phosphorus at the Hwy I location. Results were over the P Standard. Monitoring monthy, May - October, at five locations within the mid- and upper portions of the Onion River will serve to identify Total P concentrations at these sites. Fish and macroinvertebrate community monitoring will further solidify the need to list.


1) Sites associated with project a. Hwy E. - SWIMS ID: 603340 b. Waldo - SWIMS ID: 10037857 c. Hwy I (Hingham) - SWIMS ID: 10037961 d. Risseeuw Rd.. - SWIMS ID:10031890 e. Hwy KW. - SWIMS ID: 603349 2) Number of sampling events per fiscal year FY13 - 10 Total P FY 14 - 19 Total P, 4 Macroinvertebrates, 4 fish Totals - 29 Total P, 4 Macroinvertebrates, 4 fish 3) Date when sampling completed November 31st, 2013. Majority of water chemistry monitoring completed in FY 14. 4) Date when report completed December 2014 5) Datebase for storage SWIMS, FH, SLOH 6) Responsible party Helker

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