LTE Support for Lake Superior Tributary Monitoring - NOR_25_CMP13B


This project is a request for LTE funding to support the Lake Superior Tributary Phosphorus project. This request is for LTE labor ONLY. Travel and analytical costs are being covered under another project, however, labor was not eligible for funding under that funding source. Work cannot be completed without LTE assistance. This project will also ensure that work alone and winter sampling protocols can be met.


The objective of this project is to provide assistance in collecting samples for the the Lake Superior Tributary Phosphorus project. The rigorous sampling schedule for that project calls for frequent sampling during spring months and high flow events. The Lake Superior biologist has been assigned to other priorty projects and will not be able to collect all the samples needed to complete the project. This is a request for LTE labor only. The project design is detailed in the Lake Superior Phosphorus Loading project (ID: LS_P_Load). The sampling schedule is needed to allow calculation of nutirent loads to Lake Superior. Sampling is being done year round. Approximatley 240 hours of LTE time is needed. LTE assistance will cover most event sampling in addition to weekly sampling over 3 months and 6 - 9 months of monthly sampling. Assistance is needed primarily with the St Louis and Nemadji River sites. Samples from the Bois Brule and Bad Rivers will be collected during months outside regularly scehduled quarterly LTT sampling. Analytical and travel expenses are being covered by Great Lakes Shore Monitoring account 217 WYGL 4014 WYSG. We cannot cover labor under this account (GPR?).


LTE will be able to collect sample when FTE biologist are not available due to work on other projects. Samples will be shipped to the lab and analytical results will be available for evaualtion under other projects (i.e. LS_P_Load). These data will also contribuite to future efforts to deteremine appropriate substance objectives for phosphorus in nearshore areas of Lake Superior under the GLWQA.

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