Superior Pickle Pond Sediment Toxicity Testing - NOR_24_CMP13B


The Pickle Pond is a 9 acre pond located in the city of Superior, and is contained within the St. Louis estuary AOC. The Pickle Pond has been identified by local conservation partners as a site within the AOC that is impacted by legacy contaminants (metals, PAH's) for which the remediation of contaminted sediment and restoration of fish and wildlife habitat would benefit resources within the AOC. A phase 1 "Remediation to Restoration" project is currently being developed jointly by WI DNR and USFWS. Additional sediment sampling for contaminant testing will be done this year at the site by USFWS. Toxicity testing of sampled sediments is being proposed to help determine the extent of sediment removal that may be necessary.


Toxicity testing of the sediment will help determine the extent of sediment removal that is required for remediation/restoration. The pond WBIC is 5500274. Five sites in the pond and one reference site will be sampled. Sites will correspond to those being sampled for other sediment testing by USFWS.


Sediment toxicity test result will be obtained. Results will be entered in SWIMS. The results willl be utilized in the "Remediation to Restoration" project and will help determine sediment removal needs.

Study Design

See above. Specific sampling sites are TBD.

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