SPREAD EAGLE CHAIN O'LAKES ASSOCIATION: Rapid Response - Euraisan Watermilfoil & Zebra Mussels in North Lake


The Spread Eagle Chain of Lakes Assoc. (SECOLA) is sponsoring a project in response to a discovery of Eurasian water milfoil (EWM) and Zebra Mussels (ZM) in North Lake. Project objectives/ tasks: 1. Investigate extent of EWM in North Lk by field investigations in 2012 and 2013: monitor, document (using gps units), record and map EWM distribution and density; train volunteers to participate in 2013 EWM monitoring. 2. Hand-pull EWM discovered in field investigations: using snorkel gear or SCUBA, hand-pull reasonably sized EWM colonies found during monitoring; monitor hand pulled areas to check treatment efficacy; evaluate feasibility of EWM chemical treatment. 3. Summarize ZM findings of ongoing UWSP research as related to North Lk and the SECOLA: summarize information on ZM population in North Lk and the SECOLA; develop ZM long-term monitoring plan in the Chain. 4. Create a unified and educated response to ZM and EWM to protect North Lk, the SECOLA, and other region water bodies: meet with the SECOLA board and WDNR staff to develop a response plan for preventing movement of AIS to and from North Lk; incorporate ideas generated from the SECOLA-WDNR meeting in the North Lk Adaptive Management Plan; investigate potential boat wash station purchase for use at North Lk boat landing; verify appropriate signs are posted at North Lk public access. Project deliverables: 1) written description and maps of EWM monitoring and hand-pulling effort; 2) ZM research findings summary apropos to North Lake and the SECOLA; 3) response plan including boat-wash station for protecting aquatic resources from AIS transport. All products to be included in the North Lake Adaptive Management Plan. Specific conditions: Meet with WDNR prior to purchase of wash station equipment & installation; WDNR will be provided electronic & hard copies of project data, reports & plans; contact UW Extension to learn about Clean Boats Clean Waters and AIS monitoring programs.

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SPREAD EAGLE CHAIN O'LAKES ASSOCIATION: Rapid Response - Euraisan Watermilfoil & Zebra Mussels in North Lake