CALUMET COUNTY: Calumet County AIS Program


Calumet County shall conduct education, prevention and planning actives to control and prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species into and from Calumet County lakes. Project elements and deliverables are specified in the county's AIS grant application dated 7/29/2012. In addition to conducting education activities to train volunteers and government agencies in monitoring and prevention methods, AIS coordinator projects include increasing partnerships with local law enforcement, increasing focus on education for local fishing tournaments, educating local lake service providers, assisting the Calumet County Resource Management Department with CALMAN Lakes Strategic Plan, and mapping the pioneer population of curly leaf pondweed in Round Lake. The AIS Coordinator will hire, train and supervise a summer Clean Boats Clean Water CBCW) intern who will participate in AIS Group Checks, the Landing Blitz and Ice Your Catch events with the AIS Coordinator. The AIS Coordinator will also train the Calumet County Surface Water Specialist on AIS issues in order to pass AIS duties onto once the grant expires. Additional deliverables include a minimum of three press releases per year informing readers about Calumet County's AIS control program and educational opportunities, ten field days for volunteers or organizations involving hands-on identification and control work and documented use of AIS "tool box". Any persons training watercraft inspectors or participating in the Citizen Lake Monitoring Network will enroll in a current CBCW workshop or Citizen Lake Monitoring workshop.

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From January 2013 through APril 2016 the Calumet County aquatic invasive species (AIS) program conducted education, prevention and planning activities to control and prevent the spread of AIS intro and out of Calumet County lakes.
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