Citizen Monitoring Project of Degraded Aesthetics in the Milwaukee Estuary AOC


This is a pilot project that will use and adapt an existing monitoring program developed for the Lower Green Bay and Fox River AOC that engaged local residents to monitor degraded aesthetics in the AOC. Benefits of this approach include expanding public participation in AOC activities, generating needed data at minimal cost, and incorporating public perceptions in evaluation of this BUI. The project will help us to better characterize the nature of the impairment and engage with citizens in what the resource looks like. The data collected in this study can then be used to determine how to most effectively address the impairment. Additionally, the first year will provide us with testing a framework to determine if there are ways the project can be improved for the next year. Because this type of project engages citizens in the data collection, there is a higher likelihood of stakeholder buy-in into the strategy chosen for removing this impairment.

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Reports and Documents
This is the most recent iteration of the aesthetics monitoring form. It attempts to address the common problems that were encountered when data was quality controlled and that the volunteers had with filling in the previous version of the form.
This PDF shows how data collected before 2014 changes to the form can be converted so that it can be used in data analysis.
DNR signed QAPP submitted to EPA including methods and survey forms. Aesthetics Monitoring QAPP - Milwaukee
Milwaukee Aesthetics DNR Coordination Project