Lower Green Bay & Fox River Outreach


Engaging communities in Area of Concern (AOC) outreach is challenging for many reasons. The issues are numerous and diverse in their complexity which results in a set of strategies that reflect that. Often, time frames on strategy implementation are long and results may take even longer to occur. And finally, the myriad of partners can be overwhelming. In Green Bay, another complicating factor is the presence of a number ongoing and historical efforts centered around improvement of water quality in and around the Bay. These efforts need to be considered when designing community engagement strategies for AOC-­‐related activities because often the goals and partners are the same. This proposal attempts to provide for a range of strategies designed to enhance community engagement and partner with existing efforts in a meaningful way. Through a suite of approaches we hope to raise AOC awareness and bring interested stakeholders together in a constructive way.


Deliverables: • A series of videos (unsure of #) that introduce basic watershed concepts and highlight the issues affecting the AOC. • An Edge of the Lake Seminar series (unsure of #) that highlights the AOC and its challenges and progress. • A functional communication and outreach strategy that takes advantage of audience segmentation and targeting tools. • Two public forums designed to engage stakeholders and provide updates on AOC issues and projects. • Two CAC field trips to get members more engaged in the AOC issues and projects.

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