FRIENDS OF THE GILE FLOWAGE INC: Integrated Education, Planning & Research Approach to Spiny Water Flea Populations in Northern Lakes


The Friends of the Gile Flowage are sponsoring a project addressing the problem of spiny water flea on a regional scale in Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (including Stormy Lake, Gile Flowage, and Lake Gogebic). Project goals includes: 1) An education and response program to increase lake users\2019 knowledge of the biology and transport of AIS (with particular focus on spiny water fleas) and reduces the opportunity for spiny water fleas (and other AIS) to invade new bodies of water. It is important to convey consistent and streamline best management practices with regard to AIS prevention. 2) Develop adaptive lake management plan for the three focus lakes (Stormy Lake, Gile Flowage, and Lake Gogebic) that integrates existing information about the lakes and addresses AIS, including spiny water fleas. 3) Integrate Education, Response and Planning components with spiny water flea research efforts being conducted in the region and elsewhere to incorporate up-to-date practical information. This is especially important with respect to developing consistent and practical best management practices with regard to AIS transport. Project deliverables include: 1) Regional comprehensive education and response program; 2) An adaptive management plan for each of the three focus lakes; 3) Overall project report summarizing all project products; 4) Regional spiny water flea containment strategy; 5) Summary report covering boat washing operations includeing hours of use at various lakes, problems encountered with use, acceptance, willingness of public to use or allow use, overall success of use to eliminate the spread of SWF. 6) Strategic plan. Specific project conditions: 1) The WDNR will be provided electronic and hard copies of all data and or reports/plans generated as a result of this project. 2) Contact Erin McFarlane (715-346-4978) and Laura Herman (715-365-8998) at UW-Extension to learn about the Clean Lakes/Clean Waters Program and AIS monitoring programs.

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This document contains the strategic plan to address the Aquatic Invasive Specie (AIS) the Spiny Water Flea in two lakes in Wisconsin and one lake in Michigan. The report outlines the concerns surrounding spiny water fleas, the means of movement of spiny water fleas, methods of detection of spiny water fleas, appropriate responses to detection of spiny water fleas, and the laws, regulations, education, and general information surrounding this invasive specie.
The adaptive management plan for Stormy Lake, including information on the purpose, audience, goals, objectives, and methods employed for development of this management plan. The report also contains extensive appendices related to Stormy Lake, including the Aquatic Plant Management Plan, a review of lake water quality, a fisheries summary, a review of regulations and planning related to the lake, and the Stormy Lake Spiny Water Flea Plan.
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