LAKE LUCERNE ADVANCEMENT ASSOCIATION: Lake Lucerne AIS Monitoring/Clean Boat Clean Water Grant


Lake Lucerne Advancement Association is sponsoring an AEPP project which will focus on AIS education and monitoring in lake Lucerne, Forest County. Project activities include: 1) Hire project coordinator; 2) Recruit volunteers and implement a CB/CW program and an AIS monitoring program; 3)Conduct CB/CW, AIS volunteer monitoring workshops/trainings as needed; 4) Entry of inspection and monitoring forms into SWIMS; 5) Develop AIS educational materials: placemats, newsletter articles, CBCW placards, and can coolers; 6) Distribute AIS informational materials at the public boat launch, community events, resorts and businesses, and through mailings to homeowners; 7) Develop partnership with Native American Tribes. Project deliverables include: 1) Hired coordinator; 2) Minimum of 800 hours of watercraft inspection time; 3) Trained CB/CW and AIS Monitoring volunteer; 4) AIS Materials: placemat, informational mailings, pictures of the new \201Cgreen\201D grocery bag, placards and can coolers; 5) Entered inspection and monitoring data into SWIMS; 6) Final report summarizing CB/CW activities, AIS monitoring, and AIS educational activities. Specific conditions for this project: Final report needs Dept review and approval WDNR Lakes Management Coordinator will be provided with an electronic (pdf or word) copy of the final report and samples/pictures of AIS educational materials.

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