KIRBY LAKE DISTRICT: Aquatic Plant Management Planning


The Kirby Lake District is sponsoring an AIS project including a CB/CW inspection/education program; AIS training, lake monitoring, early season CLP density survey, a point intercept aquatic plant survey and development of an Aquatic Plant Management Plan. Deliverables include a comprehensive Report including: 1) AIS monitoring results including observations of any detected aquatic invasive species with appropriate maps, and report on aquatic plant point intercept survey; 2) CB/CW report including time and number of people reached and survey results; daily results will be entered into SWIMS database; 3) Verification of workshops/training such as agendas and attendance lists; 4) Report on early season CPL density survey; 5) APM plan; 6) Report on education outreach including copies of educational materials paid by this grant; 9) AIS related materials generated or paid for by this grant. Special project conditions: 1) WDNR\2019s Aquatic Plant Management in Wisconsin guidance should be followed for point-intercept survey monitoring and/or aquatic plant management plan development; 2) The sponsor shall immediately contact DNR if a new aquatic invasive species is found; 3) The DNR shall receive a paper and electronic copy of the final report This scope summarizes details provided in the application and does not negate tasks/deliverables described therein. Data, records, and reports, including GIS-based maps and digital images, must be submitted to the Department in a format specified by the AIS Coordinator. It is recommended that Grantee provide the AIS Coordinator with a draft final report. If consultant is to provide final report, it is recommended that Grantee provide AIS Coordinator with a draft for comment on report adequacy prior to making final payment to the consultant.

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