Evaluation of Areas of Concern (AOC) using Satellite Remote Sensing: A Pilot Study


The purpose of this project is to explore the use of two satellite sensors in the evaluation of water quality parameters of interest with respect to AOCs. The sensors to be evaluated are WorldView-2, a high resolution commercial satellite and NASA’s Landsat 7. The project objectives are: 1. Evaluate the feasibility of satellite remote sensing for evaluation of water quality in Wisconsin AOCs. 2. Examine the water quality spatial patterns and AOC influence within harbor areas as well as regional nearshore areas. 3. Comparison of the AOC site to a relatively un-impacted or less-impacted control site with inherent natural physical and chemical characteristics that are close to that of the AOCs.

Study Design

The work plan consists of two components, 1.) ground measurements and 2.) satellite measurements. The ground measurements consist of visiting the AOC site as well as the reference site by boat, collection of water samples and measurement of light conditions and other physical parameters.

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