The Pike Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District will hire a contractor to conduct a plant survey and update the aquatic plant management plan for Pike Lake. The plant survey will be a point intercept survey with the number of points to be generated by DNR science services. The lake will be sampled in mid-summer. The final report will contain the following elements: 1) Results of the points sampled, including sediment type found and maximum rooting depth; 2) Results of a general lake survey to map general plant beds, map localized plant beds, map species distribution and a list of plant species found; 3) Individual maps of species distribution for the top 5 native species found as well as Eurasian water milfoil and Curly Leaf Pondweed; 4) Review of existing conditions of the watershed, identify and quantify potential point and nonpoint sources of pollution; 5) Results of WILMS and UAL modeling; 6) Results of a recreational use survey; 7) An aquatic plant management plan that meets the requirements of NR 109.09; and 8) Minutes from one public meeting regarding aquatic plant issues.

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The health of a lake or stream is usually a direct refl ection of the use and management of the land within its watershed. Research shows that intervention is often necessary to maintain or improve the conditions of these resources. Located within U.S. Public Land Survey Sections 22, 23, 26, and 27, Township 10 North, Range 18 East, in the Town of Hartford, Washington County (see Map 1), Pike Lake, together with its watershed and associated wetlands, is a high-quality natural resource (see “Pike Lake Characteristics and Assets” section below). The purpose of this plan is to provide a framework to maintain or improve the land and water resources of Pike Lake and its watershed with a focus on protecting existing high-quality resources from human impacts, preventing future degradation from occurring, and enhancing ecological and recreational values.
The final installment of the Appendices for Pike Lake in Washington County.
The much awaited first installment of the Pike Lake LLP Appendices.
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