Landing Blitz 2012


The Department of Natural Resources, along with dozens of partner organizations, hosted the fourth annual Landing Blitz. The Blitz, part of the Clean Boats Clean Waters program, kicked-off on Friday June 29th, included the busiest holiday for boating, Independence Day, and ran through Sunday July 8th. Staff and volunteers pledged to attend boat landings in 50 counties. Participation in the Blitz is growing steadily. While the data are still coming in, the numbers are very impressive. The number of participating lakes grew from 90 in 2011 to over 200 this year. In 2010, the Landing Blitz reached 2452 people and 2078 boats. In 2011, those numbers grew to 26,982 people and 11,555 boats. This year’s numbers can be seen below. A special feature of the Landing Blitz was the awarding of free towels to boaters found practicing good boat hygiene when they: - Inspected their boat, trailer and equipment for attached plants, animals and mud - Removed any plants, animals and mud - Drained all water from boats, motors and live wells - Never Moved live fish away from a landing. The popularity of the towels was described by Diane Schauer, Aquatic Invasive Species coordinator for Calumet County, “Anglers love the towels. It’s also more fun for us when we can give them something they’ll use. Good prompts, goodwill, good all the way around. Thank you.” In addition, Landing Blitz coordinators contacted media outlets across the State to further extend the message about aquatic invasive species. These efforts resulted in newspaper articles, radio and television interviews, as well as the airing of public service announcements throughout Wisconsin and nearby parts of Minnesota. Despite the oppressive heat, the Landing Blitz team demonstrated, as they do throughout the boating season, the importance of a strong defense against aquatic invasive species. More importantly, they enlisted thousands of boaters and anglers in tackling the spread of these invaders.

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Reporters, regardless of whether they work for TV, radio or newspapers, look for compelling stories to tell. Citizens who love lakes and work on their behalf are compelling stories. Reporters love volunteers who are dedicated to a worthy cause, are interesting, and are working to protect a photogenic, much beloved resource -- all of which work in your favor.
Displays lakes that participated in the 2012 Landing Blitz. DNR teamed up with the UW-Extension and a variety of other partners to saturate the landings with volunteer/paid watercraft inspectors and educate boaters and other water enthusiasts over the Fourth of July week (June 29th -July 8th).
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Photo with Rep Janet Bewley
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Candid photo with Rep. Janet Bewley