UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON: Research on Spiny Waterflea in Madison Lakes


The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents are sponsoring work by the Center for Limnology to increase our understanding of spiny waterflea invasion in lakes, and provide guidance for future management. This three year project will look at many aspects of understanding this species, from identification of transport vectors, determining best methods and timing to detect invasion, assessing the ecological impact of this species on plankton and fish communities in both northern and southern Wisconsin lakes. Annual updates will be submitted and the final report will be presented at local and national conferences, published in peer-reviewed literature, and shared with all project partners.

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Aquatic Invasives Grant
Aquatic Invasives Research Grant
Reports and Documents
Factsheet for research on spiny water flea detection, vectors, and impact.
Final report on DNR AIS project AEPP-365-12
This is a scientific article that was funded by SW grant AEPP-365-12
Activities & Recommendations
Information and Education
publish results in peer-reviewed literature and shared with project partners
Grant Awarded
Grant Awarded
Project Deliverable
Annual updates
Project Deliverable
Final Report
Informational Meetings
presentation of final report at local and national conference
Aquatic Invasives Research
UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON: Research on Spiny Waterflea in Madison Lakes. Research to gain better understanding of Spiny Waterfleas and aspects pertaining to invasion detection and prevention