Dougherty Creek - Refine Load Estimates


Monitor impaired portion of creek for D.O., nutrients, and BOD to determine level of impairment. Fisheries IBI conducted to determine contemporary status of stream. Sondes, conduct monthly nutrient analysis (12) and event sampling (10). Conduct watershed assessment to determine sources. Conduct macroinverterbrate analysis at 3 sites. July 06-June 07 Upper 4 miles of Dougherty Creek


Needed to complete a TMDL on the Nutrient/D.O. impairment on the 303(d) list. This was one of the five regional projects submitted for TMDLs as required. This project will hopefully result in corrective management actions.


- Fisheries IBIs will be conducted to determine the contemporary status and biological potential. - Macroinvertebrate analysis will be conducted to determine level of organic loading - Water chemistry, including nutrient analysis and BOD information will be conducted to determine nonpoint source impacts which may lead to low D.O. - Sonde data (temperature, D.O., conductance, and pH) will be used to determine level of impairment. - Continuous temperature monitoring – Tidbit- will be used to help determine stream classification. - A report will summarize findings. To be completed by March, 2008.

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