St. Louis River TMDL data support and watershed 303d evaluation - NOR_12_CMP13B


A TMDL for toxics is in the early stages of development for the St. Louis River. EPA contractors will be constructing preliminary models for mercury, PCBs, PAHs, and pesticides during the time period of this project. WDNR will be required to provide data and evaluate data during the course of this work. LTE support is requested to support the workload of data compilation and evaluation requirements in support of TMDL development. Other streams in the St. Louis River watershed were sampled by DNR in 2010-2011 and 303d evaluation reports need to be completed.


The project is necessary to complete the evaluation and reports for the following streams to determine whether they should be listed on the 303d list: Balsam, Crawford, Faxon, Bear, Bluff, Clear, Mud, and the Nemadji River. These streams in the St. Louis River / Lower Nemadji River watershed were monitored in 2010-2011 but 303d evaluation reports were not completed due to lack of a biologist in the Lake Superior basin. We are requesting LTE hours to complete these reports. The St. Louis River toxics TMDL is bringing a significant workload to Great Lakes staff and we are requesting LTE support to help with data compilation needs for preliminary modeling which will occur in this time frame. Limited travel funds are requested to attend data sharing meetings for the Nemadji and St. Louis River TMDL projects.


Data compilation for TMDL modeling for St. Louis River and 303d evaluation reports for previously monitored streams in the St. Louis River / Lower Nemadji watershed are completed in this time frame.

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