Wisconsin River Grubers Grove Hg 2003


Gruber's Grove Bay is located on Lake Wisconsin, and is adjacent to the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant. This 20-acre site is near the City of Baraboo in Sauk County. Sampling in the Bay conducted in 1999 by WDNR and the Army indicated elevated levels of Mercury, Lead, Copper, Chromium and Nickel. The contaminated sediments were the result discharges associated with the production of ammunition at the former plant. Seventy-five thousand (75,000) cubic yards of mercury contaminated sediments on site were hydraulically dredged and landfilled, at a total cost of $6 million. During dredging operations, the use of a silt curtain was implemented to contain contaminants in the bay. In addition to work done by the Department and the Department of Army, there was also involvement by U.S. EPA, University of Wisconsin Extension, and local citizen volunteer groups. Remediation efforts at this site were completed in November 2001.

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