Legler School and Pioneer Valley Watersheds


This Targeted Watershed Assessment project was designed to evaluate phosphorus concentrations, and fisheries and habitat quality on Legler School and Pioneer Valley Creeks. Both of these creeks and their respective watersheds are part of a TMDL implementation project started in 2012. This data will be used for determining pre-existing conditions and will augment data already available for these systems.


This project is necessary to gather preliminary information on the status of these streams prior to implementation of a TMDL project. One of the requirements of the grant funding (both TRM and an EPA grant) is for monitoring of the systems to determine their response to implementation of BMPs.


Fisheries and habitat assessments will be conducted on 6 sites (3 sites per stream).Water chemistry (total phosphorus) will be sampled once per month during the growing season to determine phosphorus concentration. Data will be collected during calendar year, 2012.Data will be entered into the FM database and SWIMS.Updated reports will be entered into SWIMS and WATERS.

Study Design

Fish and quantitative habitat assessments will be conducted on 3 sites on each stream (Legler School Branch and Pioneer Valley). Water chemistry samples will be taken and analyzed for phosphorus at the pour point of each sub-watershed. Samples will be taken monthly during the growing season.

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Targeted Watershed Approach
Evaluation (TP SSC, Stressor, Bioassess)
Reports and Documents
This report summarizes the water chemistry sampling conducted during the 2012 growing season at the pour points of Pioneer Valley Creek (WBIC = 883100) and Legler School Branch (WBIC = 882900) prior to implementation of BMPs in their respective watersheds.
Activities & Recommendations
TMDL Implementation
Green County is planning to implement BMPs in these subwatersheds with funding from TRM and EPA grants.