Follow up monitoring (2012) South and Southeast Districts


Rachel Sabre, John Masterson, and Craig Helker will conduct 303(d) validation monitoring for Phosphorus on 10 waterbodies. Sampling for Total P will be conducted once a month, May - October, 2012.


Per 2012 Watershed Management Competitive Project Workplanning Guidance, the proposed streams are 303(d) listed, but do not have current phosporus data. The proposed monitoring wil serve to validate the current listing. 11 monitoring locations will be established on the following 10 waterbodies: Name - WBIC Fox River - 742500 (Two locations monitored) Perennial Stream C - 3000121 Spring Creek - 773400 Zion Creek - 772400 Root River - 2900 Root River Canal - 4300 West Branch root River Canal - 4500 Osman Trib to Meeme River - 63000 Grandma Creek - 62400 Deer Creek - 772900


Sampling conducted under this proposed project will validate the current 303(d) listing for these waterbodies. Monitoring results will be available in SWIMS and a short written summary of the monitoring results will be prepared and uploaded.

Study Design

Monitoring will be undertaken using the Wisconsin 2012 WisCALM methodology. Sampling will be done utilizing standard operating proceedures - 'Guidelines and Procedures for Surface Water Grab Sampling. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. December 2005, version 3.'

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