Upper Fox River and Wolf River Phosphorus Monitoring for 303(d)


Samples will be collected by an LTE and local biologist in East District at 5-6 tributaries to the Winnebago pool lakes, and 5 additional waters upstream in the Fox-Wolf watershed to determine phosphorus and sediment impairments for 303(d) listing purposes.


Currently the entire Upper Fox and Wolf River watersheds are being monitored for TMDL development. To efficiently use funds for TMDL development, high loading watersheds will be monitored to help determine 303d status and calibrate the modeling effort for this project. An LTE hired to be located in Oshkosh in June 2012, will assist in determining all AUs and Station IDs for this project.


Water quality data will be used to make assessment decisions for the 2012-2014 integrated reporting cycle.

Study Design

Performance Measures: There are 12 sample sites and each site is sampled once a month starting in July-October of 2012. The sites will again be sampled in May and June of the next year (2013). It is stated on the second page of the "review" tab in project wizard that the sites were to be tested in May and June of the 2012 fiscal year, but they will instead be tested in the year of 2013. Each of the 12 sites will be sampled 6 times, once a month, for a total of 72 sampling events.

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Identify Impaired Waters in the Fox Wolf Watershed to maximize efficiency of the TMDL; monitoring sites will be determined by new LTE hired (March 15). All sites will be determined by May 2012.