Sediment PCB: Manitowoc R. Downstream of Hayton Dam - CO_04_CMP14


Collection of vertically segmented sediment samples in the 1.5 mile reach of Manitowoc River downstream of Hayton dam, Calumet County for analysis of total particle-bound PCB with Arochlor identification.


The Hayton Area Remediation Project (HARP) in entering its 12th year of design and sediment remediation and bank restoration, with work continuing upstream of Hayton Millpond/dam in Operational Units 3 and 4. While water-column testing has shown dissolved fraction PCBs are moving over the dam, there has been no sediment testing done immediately downstream of the dam to determine if PCBs exist within the stream bed. The current extent of the HARP project includes and is bounded by the millpond dam. The downstream sediment chemistry information is necessary to determine if the site boundaries need to be expanded before respondents (Tecumseh and TRC Consultants) begin design on the final phases of the project.


Results of this sampling and mapping effort will definitively determine whether expansion of the HARP project boundaries is necessary or not.

Study Design

Samples will be collected at six distinct TBD locations downstream of Hayton Dam. These locations will be chosen for their morphological significance, and each sample site will have geographic coordinates determined and recorded using an RTD GPS. Interval sampling will be conducted using a 3" diamteter piston corer, with core segmentation occuring at the 10cm and 40cm interval. If shallow sediment thickness does not allow for full core recovery, a petit Ponar dredge will be used for sampling of material from the biological active zone (0-10cm). Samples will be collected during low-flow conditions to ensure wadability. After homogenizing, sample will be split into proper laboratory-provided containers for organic analysis (PCB and TOC) and physical properies (particle size fractioning) at SLOH.

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