Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Outreach And Education


The spread of aquatic invasive species threatens Wisconsin’s public and private water infrastructure, property values, natural heritage and a $2.75 billion fishing industry that provides 30,000 jobs. To stop the spread of AIS by water users, an effective public communications strategy, including research and evaluation, is of paramount importance. The department goal is to help water users know and consistently follow all AIS prevention laws and/or change their behavior to stop the spread of AIS. The department also strives to provide partners and stakeholders with current information on AIS distribution, biology, management practices and policy.

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Aquatic Invasives Education
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5/3/2021- Uploaded the newly edited publication; February 2020 updates mainly for CBCW products and new link June 2019 update to the AIS Publications Catalog produced by Jeff Strobel, UW Madison, Division of Extension