Baird Creek Gage Station for TMDL Implementation - CO_01_CMP13


Flow data is needed along with in-stream water quality parameters (nutrients and suspended solids) to determine effectiveness of TMDL implementation in the Baird Creek Watershed. This has been funded the past 3 years through 319 funds. Data will be used to support Brown County efforts and assess water quality for Integrated Reporting Process.


Brown County and partners have received GLRI funding to install more buffers (over 2.7 miles installed) in targeted areas of the Baird Creek Watershed. Measured loads will be compared with those modeled by the University of Wisconsin Green Bay (UW-GB) for the TMDL to monitor progress on stream restoration. Partners for this project include: UW-GB, the Lower Fox River Monitoring Program, GBMSD, Brown County and USGS.


Flow data and water quality samples will provide information to be used in determining the effectiveness of TMDL BMPs installed in the Baird Creek watershed. Flow data will be available via USGS and water quality data will be collected and analyzed by GBMSD/UWGB partners. DNR staff will place in contract that data must be shared and entered into our SWIMS database in order to be used by 303d/TMDL staff.

Study Design

USGS Gage is already active and sampling protocols outlined by the Lower Fox River Monitoring Program.

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2.7 miles of additional buffers were added to the Baird Creek watershed in 2011. This gage is the only active gage in the area that can help determine effectiveness of BMPs installed in this watershed as part of TMDL implementation efforts in Brown County.