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Ashland County is sponsoring a project to continue the county AIS coordinator position focusing on Lake Superior as a Statewide AIS Source Water, and expanding efforts to establish a comprehensive AIS Program. Project goals: 1) Develop county-wide AIS program including education, outreach and citizen involvement while implementing the Ashland County Land and Water Resource Management Plan activities; 2) Establish a county-wide program to identify the location and extent of AIS, implement appropriate control measures, and apply established/innovative techniques to prevent spread of AIS; 3) Facilitate and manage AIS planning activities with County partners including a Strategic Plan. Deliverables: 1) AIS Strategic Plan; 2) Monitoring report and maps concerning the presence/absence of aquatic invasive and native species using DNR approved protocols; 3) Data entered in SWIMS and preserved in hardcopy and computer files; 4) GPS data and GIS maps of AIS locations; 5) Countywide map of lakes, waterways and wetlands containing AIS; 6) Comprehensive list of all habitats surveyed for AIS over the past 5-10 years by federal, state, tribal, county, and citizen monitors; 7) Copies of published press releases & newspaper articles; 8) Brochures and other educational materials; 9) Transcripts of radio spots and public speaking engagements; 10) Newsletters and website screenshots; 11) Pictures and video of all project phases; 12) Workshop & training attendance sheets; 13) Materials developed to achieve project goals or specifically requested by grantor or cooperators. Specific project conditions: 1) The WDNR will be provided electronic and hard copies of all data and or reports/plans generated as a result of this project; 2) Provide lake maps to the lakes coordinator and enter them into SWIMS; 3) Provide brief annual progress reports to lakes coordinator; 4) Contact UWEX for Clean Boat Clean Waters and AIS monitoring programs training assistance.

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The goals of the Ashland County Invasive Species Strategic Plan reflect those of the State of Wisconsin: Education, Prevention, Monitoring, and Control. For each broad goal, an objective identifies a desirable change and lists specific activities that describe how each objective may be achieved. The battle against invasive species at the County level must be continuous and un-relenting, but has to be balanced with the realities of funding shortfalls, staffing limitations, cooperator priorities, and political will. For these reasons, the objectives and activities in this plan lack specific measureable outcomes - relying on annual work plans and grant agreements to spell out the “who, what, when, why, and how many” questions typical of project plans
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