BOOT LAKE ASSN INC: Boot Lake AIS Control & Prevention Project


Boot Lake Association is sponsoring an AIS ACEI grant on Boot Lake, in Vilas County. This is the first grant that will, cover costs for the first two years, encumbered as part of a four year project that will focus on EWM management, and AIS education, prevention and monitoring. Annual goals are to reduce the density of 75% of the treatable EWM by one level and to have a 50% decrease in littoral EWM frequency of occurrence from the point-intercept sampling. This will allow the Boot Lake association to continue management of EWM with minimal state financial assistance. Project activities include: 1) Annual chemical treatments of EWM; 2) Volunteer hand removal of EWM; 3) Annual Pre and Post treatment monitoring and analysis; 4) Annual volunteer AIS monitoring; 5) Clean Boat Clean Water (CBCW)volunteer and paid watercraft inspections; 6) Entry of inspection and monitoring forms into SWIMS; 7) Volunteer residual herbicide monitoring; 8) Develop management strategy to protect native plants; 9) Develop annual project reports and a final report. Project deliverables include: 1) Chemical and hand removal control of EWM; 2) Pre and post treatment survey and residual sampling data; 3) Watercraft inspector; 4) A minimum of 200 hours of watercraft inspection time; 5) Entered inspection and monitoring data into SWIMS; 6) Native plant protection strategy; 7) AIS educational, prevention and monitoring activities; 8) Annual reports and final report summarizing EWM management during project and future EWM management suggestions, CBCW activities, AIS monitoring and AIS educational activities. Specific Conditions for this project: Annual and final reports needs WDNR review and approval. WDNR Lakes Management Coordinator will be provided with an electronic (pdf or word) copy of final report and annual reports, pre and post treatment survey data, native plant protection strategy, all maps, GIS data, and samples of educational and outreach products.

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Reports and Documents
Appendix A for the Boot Lake aquatic plant, shoreline condition, and water quality final report. Public Participation Materials.
The aquatic plant, shoreline condition, and water quality final report for Boot Lake in Vilas County. The lake is Eutrophic, with an acreage of 295 acres with a max depth of 14 feet and a mean depth of 9. It is fed by two main tributaries, Pickerel Creek and Brazell Creek; while being drained by only one, Boot Creek which flows into Rice Lake. There are a total of 41 native species present; while only two non-native species have been recorded. The lake sees heavy boat traffic in summer, resulting in the increased risk of AIS contamination.
Activities & Recommendations
Grant Awarded
APM Chemical Permit Request
APM Mechanical Permit Request
Monitor Pre and Post Treatment
Biomonitoring Toxicity Tests
Aquatic Plant Monitoring or Survey
Watercraft Inspections Clean Boats, Clean Waters
Project Deliverable
Develop management strategy to protect native plants; Develop annual project reports and a final report