SQUASH LAKE ASSOC: Squash Lake Management Planning Project


Squash Lake Association, Inc is sponsoring an AIS Education, Prevention & Planning grant to study Squash Lake, in Oneida County. The project will focus on developing a Lake Management Plan (LMP) for Squash Lake. Project activities include: 1) Stakeholder participation \2013 stakeholder survey, planning meetings (up to 2), kick-off meeting, wrap-up meeting, news release(s), and newsletter article; 2) Water quality sampling and analysis; 3) Watershed assessment and P load modeling; 4) Fisheries assessment; 5) Shoreline assessment; 6) Professional Dreissena monitoring; 7) PI and curly-leaf pondweed survey; 8) Aquatic plant community and substrate mapping; 9) Data analysis and develop LMP. Project deliverables include: 1) Stakeholder survey, news release(s), and newsletter article; 2) Water chemistry data; 3) Watershed maps and modeling data; 4) PI and shoreland data; 5) Aquatic plant community and substrate maps; 6) Aquatic plant vouchers; 7)LMP. Specific conditions for this project: 1) Draft of stakeholder survey needs to be submitted to Lakes Management Coordinator for review and approval before sending to public; 2) Draft of LMP needs Dept review and approval. WDNR Lakes Management Coordinator will be provided with an electronic (pdf or word) copy of LMP, news release(s), newsletter article, stakeholder survey, data from PI, shoreland assessment, watershed assessment and water quality sampling, all maps from project, all GIS data, and aquatic plant vouchers.

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Aquatic Invasives Grant
Aquatic Invasives Education
Reports and Documents
Appendices to accompany Squash Lake Comprehensive Management Plan 2014, prepared by Onterra, LLC. Includes public participation materials, stakeholder survey response charts and comments, water quality data, watershed analysis WILMS results, and aquatic plant survey data.
Maps to accompany Squash Lake Comprehensive Management Plan 2014, prepared by Onterra, LLC.
Squash Lake (Oneida County) comprehensive management plan, sponsored by Squash Lake Association, Inc., prepared by Onterra, LLC. Includes photos, maps, tables, graphs, and diagrams. Maps and appendices attached.
Activities & Recommendations
Grant Awarded
Lake Management Plan Development
Social Survey of Residents or Users
Monitor Water Quality or Sediment
Aquatic Plant Monitoring or Survey
Monitor Fish Community
Map Invasive Species
Watershed Mapping or Assessment
Informational Meetings
Issue News/Media Release
Data analysis, report production
Shoreland Monitoring, Assessment, Inventory
Shoreland Monitoring, Assessment or Inventory