UPPER SUGAR RIVER WATERSHED ASSOCIATION: Monitoring and Preventing Spread of AIS in the Sugar River Corridor


The Upper Sugar River Watershed Association proposes to do a variety of education and volunteer promotion efforts to locate and map exotic species in the watershed, raise awareness and reduce new introduction and spread of AIS in the basin. Education efforts will target river boaters and anglers, solicit volunteers from existing local groups, and provide AIS information packets. They will coordinate a media campaign and a Clean Boats, Clean Waters efforts on Lake Belleview, and implement a paddler/angler survey to be carried out at public access points to determine which other waterbodies are visited, and how to prevent the spread of AIS between these waterbodies. They will also collaborate with local teachers, make presentations at schools, and host a work day for students and teachers in addition to a 2-week effort by Operation Fresh Start youth to maintain the river trail. Signs will also be posted at river access points. A final report will summarize the work, and include a strategic AIS plan for the Upper Sugar River watershed, as well as articles in their quarterly newsletter and press releases to local newspapers.

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