Wisconsin River Basin Phosphorus Assessment


To acquire HUC12 level phosphorus data on wadeable streams in the Wisconsin River TMDL project area for purposes on determining compliance with numeric phosphorus criteria.


The objective of this project is to collect total phosphorus and field parameters at approximately 100 tributary sites in the Wisconsin River basing upstream of the Prairie du Sac dam. Samples will be collected monthly on affixed-period basis from May – October 2012, and evaluated for 303(d) listing and potential follow-up monitoring. Monitoring sites have been chosen based evaluation past monitoring data and land cover. Sites have been targeted based primarily on likelihood of discovering phosphorus levels above the criterion or where past monitoring indicates uncertainty over compliance with the phosphorus criterion. Watersheds where data indicate minimal likelihood of high phosphorus levels (e.g. northern highlands and much of the central sands) or where data has already been collected at this level of detail (e.g. upper Yellow River) will not be evaluated under this project.


The primary outcome of this project will be a detailed assessment of the extent to which wadeable streams in the project area are in conformance with the phosphorus criteria.

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