Wisconsin River TMDL Modeling Support


The acquisition of a LTE staff (6-month appointment) beginning in the winter of 2012 / 2013 to support the WDNR Wisconsin River Basin TMDL modeling effort


LTE staff would support WDNR watershed modeling staff in the conceptualization of nonpoint source contributions including land management practices within the Wisconsin River Basin. Under the guidance of modeling staff, LTE staff would be required to travel throughout the watershed meeting with county conservationists, city engineers, and private land owners to collect information on high impact nonpoint sources, land management practices per county, and other model inputs including municipal storm water maps. The LTE will be required summarize and analyze the collected data to determine data gaps and spatial trends. Field data will be translated into a database or GIS format for integration with the model.


The primary outcome of this project will be a fully developed data set for integration into a basin-wide SWAT model for the Wisconsin River TMDL project. Secondary outcome will be a more sophisicated data set for testing and implemention of the Grid tool.

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