WINDIGO PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOC., INC: Windigo Lake Aquatic Plant Survey & Aquatic Plant Management Plan


The Windigo Lake Property Owners Association (sponsor) will conduct an Aquatic Plant Survey and develop an Aquatic Plant Management Plan (APM) for Windigo Lake. At the present time Windigo Lake is aquatic invasive species (AIS) free. The association desires an approved APM Plan to address the management of aquatic plants and especially how to prevent AIS from becoming established in the lake. Project goals include (APM Plan): 1) Develop an APM Plan for Windigo Lake to guide future management actions; 2) Conduct a point-intercept aquatic plant study to establish a baseline; 3) Educate lake residents about AIS activities and control options; 4) Implement a Clean Boats Clean Waters (CBCW) Program; 5) Train shoreline volunteer monitors for AIS. Project deliverables include: 1) Comprehensive APM plan (following guidelines in NR 198.43 (1)) including a rapid response plan; 2) Interpret the results of the aquatic plant survey; 3) Provide maps (including EWM beds) to the lake associations for management; 4) Results of CBCW program. Specific conditions for this Project: 1) The WDNR will be provided electronic and hard copies of all data and or reports/plans generated as a result of this project (APM Plan); 2) Follow department protocol when conducting the point intercept study; 3) Provide hard copy of point intercept data in proper spreadsheet format; 4) Provide lake maps to the lakes coordinator and enter them into SWIMS; 5) Enter CBCW data into SWIMS; 6) Contact Erin McFarland (715-346-4978) and Laura Herman (715-365-8998) at UW-Extension to learn about the Clean Lakes/Clean Waters Program and AIS monitoring programs.

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