Citizen Lake Monitoring Training - Riverview - 07/31/2010


This workshop will be held from 9:00 am-Noon at the Riverview Town Hall (between Lakewood and Townsend) - the area that the tornado wentthrough. For more information contact: Matt Marty 608-249-5898Description of workshops: The Citizen Lake Monitoring Network AquaticInvasive Species (AIS) monitoring workshop speakers provide details onaquatic invasive species identification and life cycles; instructionson how to organize an effective monitoring team; where and when to lookfor the invasives; as well as what to do if you suspect that you havefound an invasive plant or animal. Most workshops will offer hands-on training for invasive species identification. Workshop hosts will offerparticipants a monitoring kit at no charge (one free kit per lake).Additional kits and supplies helpful in assisting you in collection andidentification of the plants and animals may be offered “for sale” atthe workshops. These materials are optional, but many volunteer foundthem useful. For more information on the CLMN program, visit:

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