Clean Boats, Clean Waters Youth Workshop in Rhinelander 6/24/2010


The Oneida County Land and Water Department, in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin – Extension, will be hosting a youth CleanBoats, Clean Waters (CBCW) workshop at the UW – Extension office inRhinelander on Thursday, June 24th from 1-4pm. Our youth are the futureleaders and stewards of natural resource conservation. Therefore,instilling in them a sense of appreciation and connectedness to theenvironment is paramount for the continued protection of Wisconsin’sgreat natural resources. The CBCW program, sponsored by the WisconsinLakes Partnership, provides an opportunity to learn how and whyeducational awareness is critical in preventing the spread of aquaticinvasive species (AIS). Youth participants in the CBCW workshop willreceive information on AIS along with species identification, practicewith inspecting and cleaning a boat, and information to become a CBCW volunteer. The workshop is open to all ages, and there is no cost toattend. However, the workshop will be limited to 25 student-youths, andpreference may be given to those expressing an interest in becoming aCBCW volunteer. Parents are invited to accompany their child, and adultsupervision is required for children 12 years of age or less. Eachstudent will receive an informational packet regarding AIS along with aCBCW t-shirt. We are also looking for people currently involved in theCBCW program to serve as mentors during and after (to coordinate withprospective youth CBCW volunteers) the workshop. To register for theworkshop or to serve as a CBCW mentor, please contact the RhinelanderUW-Extension office at 715-365-2750 no later than June 11th. Foradditional Information on CBCW workshops:http://www.uwsp. edu/cnr/uwexlakes/cbcw/workshops-description.asp Forquestions, contact: Lawrence Eslinger Oneida County Aquatic InvasiveSpecies Coordinator 715-365-2750

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