Clean Boats, Clean Waters Workshop in Spooner 6/6/2009


The Clean Boats, Clean Waters (CBCW) volunteer watercraft inspection program provides an opportunity to learn how and why educational awareness is so important in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS). This workshop will provide you with an overview of AIS, instructions on how to organize an effective volunteer watercraft inspection program, and hands-on training for watercraft inspections and AIS identification. For more information on the CBCW program, visit: The workshop will run from 1:00 - 4:00pm at the Spooner Agricultural Research Station. To register for this workshop, or for more information, contact Lisa Gabriel, Washburn County AIS Coordinator, at 715-468-4654 or Dave Ferris, Burnett County Conservationist, at 715-349-2186.

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