BRWA Penokee Study


Bad River Watershed Association staff will be collecting macroinvertebrate samples and submitting to UW-Superior and installing temperature loggers to complete a watershed assessment.

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Watershed Project
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The report includes results of quality assurance tests pre- and post-field season, and notes any changes in methodology or quality control that occurred during the course of project implementation. During 2014 BRWA monitored temperature at 16 sites as part of the continuous temperature monitoring program. Five sites were monitored by returning volunteers, six sites by BRWA staff, and five sites by private contractors. Monitoring efforts consisted of deploying Hobo V2 temperature tidbits (thermistors) and maintaining them during monthly site visits. If unexpected rain events occurred, extra site visits may have been required. Retrieving designated thermistors at the season’s end, as well as keeping adequate field notes were also part of monitoring responsibilities. All monitoring personnel collected data according to BRWA’s QAPP and Standard Operating Procedures. The private contractor hired for the continuous temperature monitoring, conducted all quality control testing of the thermistors and field equipment, as described in the staff QAPP, and managed all temperature data. Macroinvertebrate samples were collected by staff and trained volunteers at eight sites in fall of 2014 (Table 1). All participants received training and reviewed the protocol prior to sampling. Samples were again sent to Dr. Kurt Schmude for identification. Total phosphorous and specific conductance (conductivity) data were also collected monthly by private contractors at 20 sites, including eight of the temperature monitoring sites.
Continuous temperature data from the Penokee study area 2013 and 2014.
Dataset of site names and dates visited
The purpose of this project was to sample select stream waters for total phosphorus, specific conductance, water temperature, and other parameters as possible to begin to understand baseline conditions and identify areas of high phosphorus concentrations in select areas of the Bad River Watershed.
Bad River Watershed Association Quality Assurance Report
Adjusted sample locations and QA criteria
Approved QAPP for Monitoring beginning in 2012
File with fieldwork event numbers assigned for macroinvertebrate sampling by the Bad River Watershed Association.
Activities & Recommendations
Monitor Baseline Survey
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