Project Red Training Session 07/27/2011


Wisconsin’s rivers are vulnerable to invasion by a number of invasive species from Eurasian milfoil to Japanese knotweed. The key to successfully protecting your river is detecting invasives early when it is still possible to isolate or eradicate the infestation. The longer we wait to find them and fight them, the more money and time it will take. Volunteers like you are invaluable for early detection. Project RED provides you with the necessary tools to be a Riverine Early Detector. Our protocols are easy and fun. Use this activity to become more familiar with your river or stream and to engage your friends and neighbors! During a free training we will teach you to monitor your river by canoe, kayak, or on foot for 16 species of concern. We will help you choose locations and a monitoring schedule that are convenient to you. We will also provide you with online data management tools available through the Wisconsin DNR SWIMS database that help you report and map your findings. If you identify an invasive in your riparian corridor, the River Alliance of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin DNR can also help you take the next step of eradication or containment! Ask us about funding and technical resources available to you! We are here to help. Over 150 individuals have been trained. Join us! To register, contact Carrie Sanda at or (715) 394‐8525. Workshop Details Date: July 27th, 2011 Time: 5pm‐8pm Location: Superior Public Library **Refreshments will be provided

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