Sauk and Sucker Creeks (SH01) Watershed Planning


The Sauk and Sucker Creeks Watershed is the southernmost watershed in the Sheboygan River Basin. Most of the watershed is located in Ozaukee County, with a small northern portion located in Sheboygan County. This watershed includes the subwatersheds of Sauk Creek and Sucker Creek, plus areas discharging directly to Lake Michigan. Sauk Creek enters Lake Michigan in the City of Port Washington, while Sucker Creek (also known as Sucker Brook) enters the Lake north of the City of Port Washington. The watersheds are primarily agricultural, but urbanization is proceeding. Water quality is good to poor in both Sauk and Sucker Creeks. This assessment is based on fish and macroinvertebrate communities and water chemistry. About About 12% of the rivers and streams in the watershed have been identified as being in poor condition to support fish and other aquatic life, 19% have been identified as being in fair to good condition, and the remaining 69% have not been assessed. Most streams in the two watersheds have natural community classifications of cool-warm transition headwaters. The remaining streams are classified as macroinvertebrates streams or have no classification. There are three small lakes in the watersheds; however, little is known about their condition.

Study Design

Watershed specified for planning and assessment purposes. Assessment of water quality condition in this respective county will use protocols described in WisCALM of the year of assessment. Minimum assessment work includes biological data (macroinvertebrates, fish indices), chemistry and habitat data. Additional work includes identification of priorities and goals, creating recommendations for actions, and updating narratives for watersheds and waterbodies. Assessments are to be double checked by at least one additional biologist.

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Sauk and Sucker Creeks (SH01) Watershed Planning